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The tech sector is driving the digitalisation of our economy and underpinning this are people with digital skills.

Sisters in Tech is an intiative to attract and engage more Māori and Pacific wāhine gain employment in the tech sector. It provides a unique opportunity for a cohort of talented wāhine to step into a career in New Zealand’s fast growing and highly paid tech community. It also is an opportunity for you to engage and showcase your companies opportunities to these wāhine.

Join other Aotearoa New Zealand tech companies to help strengthen our sector with Sisters in Tech.

Why Sisters in Tech?

Recent research shows that less than three percent of the tech workforce are Pacific people and just four percent are Māori. Meanwhile, only 27 percent of the tech sector are female.

We know there is a tech job to suit everyone. As the demand for digital skills remains high, we need to ensure Māori and Pacific women are supported in pursuing tech careers.    

Sisters in Tech provides an opportunity for wāhine to establish and secure a new career. Participating companies and organisations will also benefit from having a targeted approach enabling them to reach a wide demographic of the labour market from school leavers through to more mature wāhine. Help strengthen our sector by supporting Sisters in Tech. 

How it Works

Companies are invited to participate at events nationally in conjunction with schools and job seekers to show-case their own career journeys and the amazing opportunities their companies can offer in the world of tech.

These events enable an opportunity to really engage in a one-on-one environment to access incredible talent.

The events generally run for a few hours with between 60-80 candidates attending.

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